5 Different Ways A Damaged Windscreen On Your Car Will Affect You

Windscreen damage can be caused by a number of factors. Top among them are accident collision, vandalism, and debris hits from the ground. Whatever the case, if your vehicle’s windscreen gets damaged, you should have it repaired by a Perth Windscreens repair specialist (if you happen to be in the area) as soon as possible. Unfortunately, many drivers tone down the threat of a damaged windscreen without realizing the potential risks. Find out below just why you shouldn’t do so next time your car’s windscreen gets damaged.

1. Ruined visibility can lead to accidents

The most direct effect of a damaged windscreen is that it affects your visibility behind the wheel. You are not able to clearly see the road, traffic signs, pedestrians and even other cars. All these factors greatly increase the risk of you getting into an accident. Needless to say, a vehicle accident will leave you with injuries and vehicle damage to deal with. When evaluated carefully, it is easy to conclude that it’s much simpler to deal with a windscreen repair rather than medical bills and car smash repairs.

2. A damaged windscreen can encourage theft and vandalism

A broken windscreen is a weak point on the vehicle’s frame. It provides an easy point of entry for would-be thieves and vandals. In other words, if your vehicle has a damaged windscreen, it stands out as an easy pick for criminals. They can smash the windscreen and then vandalize or your vehicle or even steal it. Luckily, all that can be avoided by simply getting a Perth windscreens repair specialist.

3. A damaged windscreen weakens your car’s structure during accidents

Theft and vandalism aside, windscreen damage also affects your car’s structure during accidents. According to a vehicle’s design, the windscreen is more than just a looking glass. Vehicle windscreens are designed to be strong enough to support the front part of the roof from collapse. If your car’s windscreen is damaged and you happen to be involved in an accident, you will be at a far greater risk compared to if your car’s windscreen was okay.

4. Windscreen damage can bring about insurance conflict

As explained above, a damaged windscreen can encourage vehicle theft, vandalism, accidents and injury risks. Of course, it is the role of your insurer to step in after such events to cushion you from the related costs. However, if you happen to get into any one of the mentioned situations because your vehicle’s windscreen was damaged, you will be liable for much of the costs and your insurer may decline to redeem your claim.

5. Windscreen damage can affect your traffic record

Last but not least, a damaged windscreen can get you into trouble with the law as well. If traffic officers find you driving a vehicle that has a damaged windscreen, they can issue you with a ticket or impound your vehicle. Either way, your traffic record will get affected negatively and this can later affect your insurance record and your criminal record as well.

That said, if you happen to notice any form of damage on your windscreen, seek a Perth windscreens repair specialist as soon as possible and avoid all the above consequences.