Leave Printer Repairs to Experts to Avoid Severe Health Problems

The photocopier you have in your office is a good business asset, but it can also be a source of several health complications. According to most health experts, printing machines contain elements and substances that cause serious health issues when handled by inexperienced people and those without protective clothing. If your printer happens to develop a problem, you shouldn’t open it or access its inner elements. It is always advisable to take it to a Canon machine service providers because professional technicians know how to avoid the health risks associated with them. Handling the printer inexpertly exposes you to the following sources of health concerns.


Old and defective printers are common sources of a form of oxygen gas called ozone. Although most printer users don’t know the health risks that this gas may expose them to once they carelessly handle them, it’s good to avoid it. Inexperienced people who try to repair the printer may develop problems in their eyes, lungs, airways, throat and nasal passages once they tamper with this gas. That’s why only technicians with experience in offering Canon printer repairs Sydney market has should be allowed to handle defective machines.

Carbon black

In most cartridge toners, about 7 percent is comprised of carbon black. It’s not right for you to handle the toner without protective clothing because you may not know the health hazards that come by that. Some scientists have confirmed in their research that certain toners do cause generic changes in most bacterial tests. Although small portions of carbon black are not a cause of serious health challenges, it’s advisable to let experts handle it if it’s indeed responsible for your defective printer.


Laser printers and photocopy machines use toner to make print copies. This fine powder is not known to cause serious health problems but it can cause irritating respiratory problems that could be characterized by sneezing and coughing. Defective photocopy machines spill over the toner powder in the inner parts of the machine. The toner may also be spilled if the compartment is full or when the user haphazardly removes the cartridge. If you suffer from respiratory illnesses such as bronchitis and asthma, you should call in technicians experienced in offering Canon machine service and repair to change the cartridge for you.

Polymer resin

Many people fail to understand that the printers they have in their offices use polymer resin that is easily melted. The heat produced during the printing process is enough to melt the resin. Unfortunately, the vapor that most defective printers produce has severe effects on one’s health. The problem comes when one assumes they can open the printer and inspect it once it fails to start. They hardly take time to think about the vapor they will inhale and the effects it will have on their health.

When a printer fails to start or becomes faulty, it’s a good habit to allow the professional technicians who understand safety and health risks of these machines to repair them. There are components and substances of a printer you should not be exposed to. If you can’t reach any technician through the phone, you can opt to take the damaged printer to the Canon machine service providers to avoid these health problems.