The thrill of riding scooter is redefined

In the motorcycle racing that was held in April, spectators were thrilled with the great speed at which Kent Harle, one of the popular riders, was cruising. The spectators kept their fingers crossed as the rider almost rubbed his knees to the ground while negotiating a sharp curve. Like Kent Harle, if you want to enjoy the thrill of cruising at a great speed, here is a great opportunity for you. Just visit any of the Piaggio MP3 dealers and buy the MP3 scooter.

Combination of scooter and sidecar:

MP3 from Piaggio is a scooter that has redefined the thrill of riding. This is a unique scooter with two wheels on the front and one at the back. This 500 CC scooter is a perfect combination of scooter and sidecar. In order to ensure perfect balancing the front two wheels are aligned parallel with the help of a ‘single link arm’. The 13” wheel base enables you to comfortably cruise even on uneven road conditions. This is a CVT transmission clutch-less scooter. The scooter has parking lock facility as well.

Technological marvel:

There is enough space in the glove box to keep all your personal belongings. The powerful honeycomb meshed grill dual headlights make it an ideal scooter to travel during the night. The liquid cool engine makes it an ideal companion for long travel. The powerful disc brakes add to the safety of driving. In fact, the brakes are so efficient they require just 20% stopping distance as compared to the traditional two-wheel scooters. There is also a windscreen which protects the rider against wind and dust. The Piaggio MP3 scooter is a departure from the traditional two-wheel scooters. The front two wheels are so aligned that these provide enormous road grip.

Two unique models:

The scooter is available in two models namely business or sport and Yourban model. The Piaggio MP3 dealers would introduce you to both these two models. The sports model is powered by a 500 cc engine whereas the Yourban model is powered by a 278 cc liquid cool engine. The sports model has much larger storage as compared to the Yourban model.

Go on a test ride:

It was in 2006 Piaggio introduced the first version of MP3 scooter. Since then, this innovative scooter has undergone several modifications. The Piaggio MP3 dealers would also arrange for a test ride of this scooter. In some countries, you may need a car driving license to ride this scooter. However, in most of the countries, it is enough if you have a scooter or ‘two wheeler’ driving license to ride the MP3 scooter.

Enjoy the thrill of riding:

Unlike other three wheeler automobiles, you do not require any special skills to ride the MP3 scooter. It hardly takes a few minutes to get familiarized with the various controls provided in the scooter. As far as size is concerned, MP3 scooter is bigger as compared to the traditional two-wheel scooter. Similarly, it is also marginally expensive. But, when you consider the advantages and the thrill of safe and comfortable driving, you would agree MP3 could be an ideal choice.